Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini’s philosophy is to expose what has been created, while remaining committed to a cultivation of what is being created. Since it’s inception in 1997, Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini has explored this philosophy by fostering an awareness of contemporary art in the international context, and by building its reputation among international collectors, curators and critics as a champion of contemporary Canadian art. Over the last nine years, Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini has participated in some 100 international art fairs, often as Canada’s sole representative.Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini advocates any form that an idea may take (representing all mediums), and yet remains passionate in its insistence that, at its core, a fine work of contemporary art must blend surprise and social critique, with aesthetic value in ways that challenge, question, and always reward a careful viewing. Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini has introduced the work of a variety of Canadian artists to a larger, international audience, including Marcel Dzama, The Royal Art Lodge, Evan Penny, Max Streicher and Etienne Zack.

Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini

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