Valérie Blass


Born 1967 in Montréal, Canada

Parisian Laundry is pleased to present a suite of works by Montréal based sculptor Valérie Blass at this year's VOLTA NY Art Fair. On view in the kiosk cum necropolis, will be a life size cement torso guarding a menagerie of abstract and semi abstract objects. Similar to a Chinese terra cotta warrior or preserved mummified demi god, this petrified stoic figure stands purposely on guard unflinching and yet infused with a tender personality (Read: Chewbacca from Star Wars). It cares for the arsenal of artworks surrounding it; two molded cement silhouettes, a fragment of tail as well as two wooden assemblages made up of ply wood and bright pink paint that elegantly speak to a reconstituted modernism. Each sculpture is uniquely created by Blass’ and illuminates her current research around natural history, abstraction and artifact.


Blass has a vision of a curious present, a place where seemingly stoic objects come to be on guard as cemented (literally) sentinels, spent warriors, princesses and other figures. Materials and history act as muses and points of comparison. Working in sculpture, video and sculptural painting, Blass looks for tensions and relationships between form, figure, materials, and art historical tropes. She often uses everyday objects and industrial materials as an inspiring starting point to organically explore tension and absence in natural and art history such as fractured figures and broken remains or artifacts.



Valérie Blass, exhibition view, 2008
Valérie Blass, Mon bâton préféré tenu par l'homme ciment, 2008
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