Sanja Ivekovic


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Born 1949 in Zagreb, Croatia


Sanja Iveković's art production has spanned a range of media such as photography, performance, video, installations and actions in the public domain since the 1970s. She belongs to the artistic generation which emerged after '68 and was raised in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia whose post-object art was usually covered by the umbrella term New Art Practice. Ivekovic’s work is marked by the critical discourse with the politics of images and body. The analysis of identity constructions in media as well as political engagement, solidarity and activism belong to her artistic strategies.


In the Yugoslav/Croatian art scene she was the first woman artist to express a clearly feminist attitude. In 1973 she started to work with video. In the late eighties she was a founder and a member of a number of women's non-guvernment organizations in Croatia such as Elektra- Women's Art Centre, The Centre for Women's Studies, B.a.B.e – the women's human rights group . Her work from the 1990s deals with the collapse of socialist regimes and the consequences of the triumph of capitalism and the market economy over living conditions, partucularly of women.



Sanja Iveković, The Right One (The Pearls of the Revolution), 2008-2011, photography, 112x112 cm each
Sanja Iveković, Personal Cuts, 1982, video, 3:43 minutes
Sanja Iveković, Personal Cuts, 1982, video, 3:43 minutes
Sanja Iveković, Women’s House (Sunglasses) Sonia, 2002-2004, photography, 48 x 67 cm
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