VOLTA7 BASEL // 2011


VOLTA7 2011

June 13–18, 2011



Dreispitzhalle, Helsinki-Strasse 5, CH-4142 Basel / Münchenstein, Switzerland



Photos courtesy of Nicholas Winter Photography




VOLTA7 entrance area

Audience listening to VOLTA Executive Director Amanda Coulson opening the press conference

Tokyo gallery Kaikai Kiki officially opened the fair with a “Go Kito” a Japanese tea ceremony

Takashi Murakami, founder of Kaikai Kiki, looking at work by Sam Kaprielov in Bertrand & Gruner booth

Collector Ole Faarup at LARMgalleri in front of the work of the 54. Venice Biennale participant Nicola Samori

Works by Diana Taylor at ROOM London

Manfred Mohr at bitforms gallery

Dealer Gregor Nusser from Nusser & Baumgart with collectors in fron of Thomas Weinberger's artwork

Ken Matsubara's artwork at MA2

Dealer Nacho Valle from Valle Ortí in conversation with dealers

Sculpture 'The Night Also Falls' by Nika Neelova at Jarmuschek & Partner

Visitors in front of Nicola Samori's artowork at LARMgalleri

VOLTA Executive Director Amanda Coulson with VOLTA7 curators Christoph Doswald and Francesco Stocchi in front of the VOLTA7 edition wall

Visitor in front of the artwork by Svätopluk Mikyta at Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie

Stephane Zaech's work at Katz Contemporary in the front, and collectors in front of work by Poklong Anading at Zimmermann Kratochwill

Seating area in front of Widmer + Theodoris' and Teapot's booth

Amanda Coulson walking over an interventional work by Steve van den Bosch at Galerie Van der Mieden

'My Light is Your Life' by Kristof Kintera at Jiri Svestka

Visitors contemplating intervention by Franklin Evans at Federico Luger

Tao XUE at 55's booth

Benrimon Contemporary showing intervention by Amanda Burnham

Dealer Suzanne Schurgers from VEGAS Gallery talking to collector behind a work by Heringa/Van Halsbeek

Sculpture by Giuseppe Capitano at diagonale/galleria

Takashi Murakami at Kaikai Kiki gallery

'Terrible Wonderfull' by Shira Zelwer at Anita Beckers

Sculpture by Christoph Eisenberger at Teapot

... getting a lot of attention

VOLTA7 Edition artist Carlos Aires at the presenting gallery ADN

Special Project Marc Fromm by the art foundation of Saxony-Anhalt

Visitors next to the Giuseppe Capitano sculpture at diagonale/galleria

Collectors in front of Gemi Tanaka's painting at Kaikai Kiki gallery

Collector Eugene Sadovoy and Deepak Soni from Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors

BESCHLE Chocolatier Suisse serving h'ordeuvres during Private Cocktail & evening viewing of VOLTA7...

...sponsored by Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors

Stéphane Zaech's artwork at KATZ CONTEMPORARY

Visitors being reflected in Ken Matsubara's artwork at MA2

Danielle Horn from NETTIE HORN gallery in conversation with collector in front of an artwork by Sinta Werner

VOLTA7 Edition artist Carlos Aires' artwork at ADN gallery

Tracey Snelling's 'Tail of the Pup' at Cokkie Snoei

T-Shirt shop by Stellwerk | SHOWROOMBASEL

Installation of Thorsten Brinkmann's artwork at artfinder Galerie | Mathias Güntner

Markus Putze's wall installation at Jarmuschek + Partner

Jan Brokof's 'Auflauf' (crowd) at galerie baer

Dealer Kristian Jarmuschek with collector in front of artworks by Sabine Banovic

Overview of KUTTNER SIEBERT Galerie, bitfroms and SPECTA

Elias Kafouros's artwork at TinT and Omar Chacon's paintings at MAGROROCCA

Visitors in front of Antonella Zazzera's artwork at diagonale/galleria

Dialogue between Benjamin Bergmann and Michael Wesely at Nusser & Baumgart

Artist couple Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt at Galerie Heike Strelow

Marc Fromm's sculpture Junge Dame mit Haustier (Young Lady and Pet) by the art foundation of Saxony-Anhalt

GL Brierley's artwork at MADDER139

Direct shuttle busses from Art | Basel and LISTE to VOLTA