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ACE Hotel New York

Saturday, March 10, 2012



A friend with artist Summer Wheat
Charlotte La Roche and Brian Fee
Ken Tyburski with friend
Dan Shay and Rachel Fick
Dominique Miniaci with Brian August (Culture Shock)
Steve Zavattero (Marx & Zavattero)
Nathan Engelbrecht (EB&Flow) and Alta
Amanda Coulson and friend
Kevin Kavanagh (KEVIN KAVANAGH) and Brigitta Muladi (INDA Gallery)
Salvinija Kirvaitiené and Laura Rutkuté (Galerija Vartai)
The artist Marlena Kudlicka and Anne Gathmann (Stedefreud) with Brian Fee
Berthold Pott (Chaplini) with friend
Christian Seyde (Galerie Kleindienst) with friends
Arne Zimmermann and Jimi Billingsley (Pablo's Birthday)
Jay Wingate (Luis de Jesus Los Angeles) and Hillary Metz (Blythe Projects)
Brad Silk and Cindy Rucker (Number 35 Gallery)
Glenn Charles with wife and friend
Bettina Kraus (Chaplini) with friend
Anne Gathmann and artist Marlena Kudlicka (Stedefreund)
Bernd Metz (Galerie Heike Strelow) with friend, and Hye Rin Lee (Gallery Simon)

Jeremy Hu (Aureus Contemporary) and Hugh McGrory (Culture Shock)
Miriam Lozano and Mira Bernabeu (espaivisor - Visor Gallery)
Christa Schuebbe (SCHUEBBE PROJECTS)
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