Jorge Díaz-Torres


presented by RICA



Born 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The sculptures created during the last two years deals with situations in the city that transmit, in one way or another, feelings of animosity, resignation, fear or violence. I employ different materials such as papier mâché, ceramic, wood and pvc to recreate objects usually found within a city context, revealing the diverse ways architecture and public space affect our subconscious.



Jorge Díaz-Torres, Morning Levitation, 2010, papier mâché, ceramic, plexiglas, urethane and spray paint, 55 x 63 x 20 inches
Jorge Díaz-Torres, Confined Extractor, 2010, papier mâché, galvanized steel, spray paint, electric fan, 36 x 36 x 30 inches
Jorge Díaz-Torres, Sudden Impact III, 2011, papier mâché, ceramic, urethane & acrylic paint, 15 x 72 x 12 inches
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