Jens Schubert


presented by Galerie Kleindienst



Born 1983 in Schwarzenberg, Germany

With the vivid and impasto variegation of his paintings, the striking forms and particularly with the repetition of motifs Schubert`s formal language sometimes reminds the viewer of folk art. Masks, animal motifs, floral and architectonic elements, as well as abstract ornaments are interwoven to puzzling and mythical figures. Not a realistic depiction or story telling is decisive, but the expression focuses on a strong emotional charge of the pictures. The prints are extremely complex. Either Schubert compiles varied motifs on one plate or he puts several layers above one another on his large size prints, so that different individual motifs form a new figure. He counteracts the possibility to reproduce a linocut by reusing motifs, but he solely creates unique prints.


The emerging traces of work and differences of the cover remain as characteristics of the printing process, as they give proof of the authenticity of the print and its uniqueness.



Jens Schubert, Installation View 2011, Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig
Jens Schubert, Cat Mask, 2011, lino cut, 63 x 47 inches
Jens Schubert, Smart Alec, 2011, lino cut, 63 x 47 inches
Jens Schubert, Shingles, 2010, lino cut, 61 x 47 inches
Jens Schubert, Hero, 2011, lino cut, 63 x 47 inches
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