1964, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


AERIALBIKEWAY/ CICLOVIAEREA is a project I have been developing since 2001, based on the idea of an aerial road for bicycles only. Its main idea is "a suspended line which slopes gently downwards, creating a forward momentum all along its length. It facilitates long distance cycling in the context of daily urban circulation. It is a futuristic construction for the present: we don't have to wait for its construction to realize what a great invention the bicycle is, both useful and enjoyable. I go there and back."


The AERIALBIKEWAY consists of actions, associations and aesthetic representations that have its inspiration in the use of bicycle for fun and also for utility. The purpose of this project is to talk about using the bike as a technology connected with the body, 50% human, 50% machine, referreing to and practising two important issues nowadays: Sustainability and Mobility, ways to reach a balance between mediums, turning effort into pleasure.

Jarbas Lopes, Untitled, debate series, Braided Plastic and carpet, 250 x 180 x 10 cm
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