VOLTA NY // 2009



March 5–8, 2009



7 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA



Photos courtesy of David Willems






VOLTA NY Entrance, with work by Trong G. Nguyen "Colección Whitney"

Work by Sebastian Gögel at Galerie Emmanuel Post

Machiko Edmonson at Nicholas Robinson Gallery

Puppet show performance by Heather & Ivan Morison

General view

Zvika Kantor's works at Dagmar de Pooter

Marilyn Manson at Galerie Brigitte Schenk.

Center for Tactical Magic's installation at Voges + Partner Gallery

Susan & Michael Hort visiting the fair

Susan & Michael Hort visiting the fair

Collector Cedric Lienart de Jaude

Collector Anita Zabludowicz

VOLTA artists Patrick Hamilton and Ioana Nemes having some rest at ArtReview's lounge

Collector Steve Shane talking to artist Sebastian Gögel in front of paintings by Dan Kopp

Marc Spiegler, Co-Director Art Basel, with Christian Viveros-Fauné, Curatorial Advisor VOLTA NY

Amanda Coulson, VOLTA Executive Director, with husband Ulrich Voges, VOLTA founder

Amanda Coulson, VOLTA Executive Director, with Lisa Alcantar from Merchandise Mart Properties, Enrique Guerrero, VOLTA NY exhibitor, and Jill Caravelli

Ubaldo Kramer of KBK Gallery with an installation by Patrick Hamilton

Schandra Singh's works at Galerie Bertrand & Gruner

Rune Olsen's sculptures at Samson Projects' booth

Installation by Daniel Man at Nusser & Baumgart

Trine Sřndergaard and Nicolai Howalt's works at Martin Asbćk Gallery

Breenspace booth featuring works by Tim Silver

Friedrich Loock from Loock Galerie with friends

Christian Viveros-Fauné (right) with Robert Fitzborough from RBC.

Works of Peruvian artist Sandra Gamarra at Galeria Leme's booth

Alejandro Almanza Pereda at Magnan Projects

Gosha Ostretsov works at Paradise Row booth

Colin Rhys at his booth with Pedro Mastragenlos's work

Works by Regina José Galindo at prometeogallery

Jarmuschek + Partner gallery team

Hayv Kahraman's paintings at Thierry Goldberg Projects

Puppets by Sterling Allen at Art Palace's booth

Clay sculptures by Margarita Cabrera at Walter Maciel Gallery

Sebastian Gögel's works at Emmanuel Post booth

Benjamin Cottam's work on display at Bartha Contemporary

Christian Curiel's paintings at Galerie Baumet Sultana

Alejandro Diaz' tricky installation at Happy Lion Gallery

Paintings by Futo Akiyoshi at Taro Nasu's

Smiling neons from Angelo Plessas at think.21 booth

Troels Carlsen's work at V1 Gallery

Vicky Wright's paintings at Josh Lilley gallery booth

Sculptures by Lisi Raskin at Riccardo Crespi's booth

Surasi Kusolwong at HOET BEKAERT; the artist with the performance model on his piece

VOLTA NY Special Project: Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, art/food project