Dmitry Kawarga


presented by Barbarian Art



Born, lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Graduated from Art and Theatre College, Moscow
A member of International Federation of Artist & National Artist's Union of Russia  



Kawarga, a profoundly conceptual artist, calls himself a radical of biological morphs. His works are a fusion of art and science, an enchanting journey into human consciousness, open to multiple interpretations. Though Kawarga employs dry scientific terms as titles for his creations, their incredible complexity and fragility resist explanation that would destroy the poetry of his art.


2007 the winner of the (Russia) competition on the best monument to the epoch of ex-president Boris Eltsin.


Kawarga had over 20 personal and a number of group exhibitions in Russia and abroad; his works could be found in: Museum of Contemporary Art, Art4.RU, Moscow; Museum of Ecology and Local History, Muravlenko, Russi; Museum Center of Krasnoyarsk, Russia



Dmitry Kawarga, "Uroboros" Project, 2010, Polyvinylchlorid, 95 х 130 cm
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