VOLTA8 Basel -- Catalogue 2012


Always on the cutting edge of new ideas, VOLTA has re-envisioned the art fair catalogue. We have—quite literally—loosened the bindings, and will produce only the gallery/artist pages, collectible at each booth.
Each gallery will be provided with a brochure that allows for a text and several images, giving a much more precise view of what is actually on show and the gallery/artist's vision. The visitor is encouraged to collect all the brochures for a full catalogue, or only those in which he or she is interested, for a bespoke, personalized catalogue.

The pages can be collected in a specially-created binder, available at the VOLTA ticket desk free of charge.

A very limited number of pre-bound full catalogues will be available for purchase.






Download: VOLTA8 Catalogue [8.5 MB]






An online version of the VOLTA8 fair is provided by Gallerist.com