Kling & Bang/Adler

Presents: Snorri Asmundsson, , , Erling Klingenberg, Sirra Sigrun Sigurdardottir

Kling & Bang are sharing booth with Galerie Adler, Frankfurt/New York


Kling & Bang gallery is an artist run non-profit organization, organized by 8 enthusiastic Icelandic artists. These 8 artists come all from a different background in terms of study and experience which creates a multiplied introduction of the gallery and what it has to offer. The Gallery was established in mars 2003 and since then we have presented over 40 exhibitions in the main gallery space at Laugavegur 23, in a collaboration with around 100 icelandic and international artists.

Kling & Bang gallery takes a huge part of the production of the artworks that are made by the artist presented in the gallery. kling & Bang has a very broad audience and both exhibit foreign artist as Icelandic, both very well established as well as younger emerging artists.

The gallery makes an effort to the direct collaboration with exhibiting artists, among them are Jason Rhoades and Paul McCarthy, John Bock, David Askevold, Gelitin along with many more both Icelandic and foreign artists.



Laugavegur 23, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland (gallery)

PO. Box 1450, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland (mailing address)



T:+354 891 9047/ +354 696 2209


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Artists represented:

Sirra Sigrun Sigurdardottir, born 1977 Selfoss, Iceland

Erling Klingenberg, born 1970 in Reyjavik, Iceland

Snorri Asmundsson, born 1966 in Akureyri, Iceland

Nina Magnusdottir, born 1969 in Reykjavik, Iceland