VOLTA NY // 2011





7 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA



Photos courtesy of David Willems






VOLTA NY 2011 ambience

Frederieke Taylor Gallery, with work by [dNASAb]

Chris Kennedy, President MMPI, and Paul Morris, Vice President MMPI Art Shows & Events, at VOLTA NY

V1 with works by Richard Colman

Artist Yevgeniy Fiks in front of his paintings at BARBARIAN ART GALLERY / by Natasha Akhmerova

Dealer Danielle Horn at NETTIE HORN, with artworks by Sinta Werner

Steve Turner Contemporary, with work by Deborah Grant

Dealer Danielle Horn at NETTIE HORN, with artworks by Sinta Werner

Katelijne De Backer, Executive Director The Armory Show, and Amanda Coulson, Executive Director VOLTA NY, with collector

Viola Romoli at The Pool NYC with collector

Dealer Diederik van der Mieden with collectors, artworks by Dirk Vander Eecken

Artwork by BGL at PARISIAN LAUNDRY's booth

Writer/Curator Paco Barragan inside Erika Harrsch's "Cash Cube" at GE Galeria

Artist Che Lovelance in front of his and Zak Ove's work at FAS Contemporary

Jarmuschek + Partner, with dealer Claudia Berthol and works by Sabine Banovic

Visitors in front of Peter Opheim's painting at Steven Zevitas Gallery

Work by Laurina Paperina at PERUGI artecontemporanea

Collectors at Kevin Kavanagh, with works by Paul Nugent

Willem Andersson's artwork at GALLERY NIKLAS BELENIUS

Artwork by Oana Farcas at LARMgalleri

VOLTA director Amanda Coulson and VOGES GALLERY dealer Uli Voges

BGL's work, at Parisian Laundry

Mark Jenkins' hyper realistic figures at Carmichael Gallery

Aaron Johnson's artwork at MiTO

Daniel Svarre's "Group 30" at SPECTA

Entrance Area of VOLTA NY

Outside View