VOLTA NY // 2008



March 2730, 2008



7 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA



Photos courtesy of David Willems





Nasim Weiler from art agents gallery at her booth with Armory Dealer Aldy Milliken

Corridor View - at the background Wohnmaschine Booth

Adriaan van der Ploeg Photos at Haas & Fischer Booth

Laurent Godin at his booth with Corinne Marchetti`s sculptures

Don and Mera Rubell at Khalif Kelly's presentation by Thierry Goldberg Projects

Michael Simpson, artist - at the center- with his gallerist David Risley - left

Jota Castro's presentation at Elaine Levy Projects Booth

Michael Cosar with collector - background works by Martin Klimas

Ena Swansea at Andre Schlectriem Contemporary

Paul Judelson -left- at his booth with one piece of Peter Sarkisian, I-20

Ian Burns sculpture presented by Spencer Brownstone Gallery

Itamar Jobani`s interactive video installation - presented by NOGA Gallery

Adrian Williams Installation at Voges + Partner Gallery

Werner Reiterer Installation ticking at Loevenbruck booth

Kevin Francis Gray at Goff + Rosenthal

Peter Sarkisian video sculpture at I-20