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May 2006

Basler Stab Basel's most popular free-magazine:


In an interview with Werner Schniepper, Member of ULTRABRAG's management:

"We were convinced by this idea. For the first time we could make something really extraordinary in the hall".

June 2006

In Weltkunst Contemporary, culture magazine published by German weekly newspaper


"...the little satellite-fair located next to the picturesque harbor

has become the darling of the international art fairs (...)"

ArtReview: Top 50 Summer Highlights, VOLTAshow02 in place 9!

NEO2 Spanish magazine on trends and lifestyle:

"VOLTAshow confirms its profile in new talents (...) hosting the best international cutting-edge art."

The Art Newspaper in its Special Art Basel Daily Edition on 15th June 2006:

"Volta gets even better"

In bazartmagazin, culture supplement of Basler Zeitung:

"VOLTAshow fills the missing gap between Liste and Art Basel. The success of this one-year-old show underscores how necessary it was for an event like this to happen."

DIE WELT, German daily newspaper:

"Springboard to the art market's mount Olympus. Liste and VOLTAshow are Art Basel's most important attendants -waiting lists for collectors already exist here."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung German daily newspaper:

"(...) a mature and uncluttered ambience... where you will find museum-quality artworks."


El Cultural weekly culture suplement of El Mundo, Spanish daily newspaper:

"VOLTAshow emerged last year (...) growing to become a quality fair."



August 2006

Art, das Kunstmagazin: "An amazing fair, amazing art."

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